Focus Stacker Electrical Connections

Here are the electrical connections for my Raspberry Pi setup that controls my focus stacker.  This is for information only! Note that my 5v power supply has two outputs. One feeds the Pi through it’s normal input USB socket, the other is used to power peripherals. I use the RPI header pin numbers throughout. (Not BCM 2835 nomenclature)


focus stacker schematic



GPIO connection Table

Rpi pin NoBCM 2835 Rev 1BCM 2835 Rev 2typeconfig function
1 3V33V3power3V3 logic
25V5Vpower5v power
17(3V3)(3V3)power(not used)
4(5V)(5V)power(not used)
20(Ground)(Ground)(Ground)(not used)
25(Ground)(Ground(Ground)(not used)
14(Ground)(Ground)(Ground)(not used)
9(Ground)(Ground)(Ground)(not used)
3GPIO 0GPIO 2input(not used)
5GPIO 1GPIO 3input(not used)
7GPIO 4GPIO 4inputpark switch
26GPIO 7GPIO 7inputcamera shutter
24GPIO 8GPIO 8inputbeeper
21GPIO 9GPIO 9inputstepper motor
19GPIO 10GPIO 10inputstepper motor
23GPIO 11GPIO 11inputstepper motor
8GPIO 14GPIO 14serial data TX (not used)
10GPIO 15GPIO 15serial data TX (not used)
11GPIO 17GPIO 17inputspare
12GPIO 18GPIO 18inputspare
13GPIO 21GPIO 27input(not used)
15GPIO 22GPIO 22inputpi up led
16GPIO 23GPIO 23inputparked led
18GPIO 24GPIO 24inputemergency stop
22GPIO 25GPIO 25inputstepper motor



What’s it all about?

Here are my jottings about my photographic projects and activities. I have been working on a focus stacking macro photography rig. There are quite a few posts about that. In addition I write about other photographic activities as and when!


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