Fragments of Sidmouth

    Fragments of Sidmouth is the result of a collaborative project with the Sidmouth School of Art on the theme of A Sense of Place. The composite image of 36 different architectural “fragments” was exhibited on the Sidmouth School of Art billboard in Sidmouth during October and November 2021. The billboard artwork and the individual images reveal details of some of Sidmouth’s buildings; they appeal to me for their graphic qualities. Some are decorative, some less so; but between them it is to be hoped that you will see something of Sidmouth.

    Everywhere you look in the built environment there is architecture. It is a world full of fascinating shapes and forms that take on different appearances as you change your viewpoint and observe one element against another, and that may create a geometric harmony as you reach some perfect viewpoint.

    Sidmouth is no exception and in our town we are fortunate to have many interesting and beautiful buildings in our landscape.

    Photographing architecture is a voyage of discovery. The more you look, the more you see. You discover the embellishments, notice the symmetry, find that “perfect viewpoint” and hopefully capture the essence of the building or at least some part of it.

    Sometimes a building will have a dominant feature that is readily visible from afar and is in a way its signature, there for everyone to see and admire; the arches over the main windows and door of the old post office are a good example. Or perhaps the perfect viewpoint for the definitive composition is discovered almost by accident after viewing the subject from many different angles; the back of the Drill Hall for instance, an unlikely location.

    Why black and white? Monochrome treatment emphasises the graphic nature of the construction elements, the distracting colours are gone, and the viewer is led to concentrate on the shapes, lines and patterns of the builders’ materials and the architects’ designs.

    You can see an interactive map showing the individual images and their locations here.

    The Fragments of Sidmouth installation on the Sidmouth School of Art billboard next to Sidmouth Swimming Pool and overlooking the Ham West car park.

What’s it all about?

Here are my jottings about my photographic projects and activities. I have been working on a focus stacking macro photography rig. There are quite a few posts about that. In addition I write about other photographic activities as and when!


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