Just Waiting

    I entered “Just Waiting” as a print in the WCPF (Western Counties Photographic Federation) 2019 Members’ Exhibition and was delighted and very surprised to find that it won first place “gold” in the Monochrome Print Class. I had to pinch myself when I then realised that “Time to Stop Texting” – entered as a digital image in the Open Class – had won a Selector’s Award chosen by Ed Cloutman. On top of that I had four other images selected. That somewhat makes up for my abysmal performance last year when I only managed two acceptances.

    You can see these images in the exhibition at Bovey Tracey Golf Club from 5th to 19th May.

    “Just Waiting” was taken at the old brick underground station at Baker Street built in the 1860s as part of the Paddington to Farringdon Metropolitan Railway – an early version of Crossrail – and all for a mere ¬£1.3m. It was built by the cut and cover method which essentially involves digging a big trench for the railway and then roofing it over (with buildings, roads or whatever).

    “Time to Stop Texting” was taken at Bank Underground Station on the curved Westbound Central Line platform.

    Passing Strangers

    Passing Strangers
    Passing Strangers

    I entered Passing Strangers as a print in the 2014 WCPF (Western Counties Photographic Federation) Members Exhibition competition and was really pleased to find out that it was accepted into the exhibition with the Selector’s award, 1st place, in the Colour Print Class, chosen by Jean Brooks EFIAP/b BPE. You can see the print in the exhibition at Buckfast Abbey from 4th to 18th May.

    I also had one image accepted into the travelling exhibition (Looking In) and two accepted into the Open Digital Class (Rain Clouds Passing, and Passing Cyclist). As I type this out I realise that “passing” must have been my lucky word!!

    I was even more surprised when a couple of days ago I was informed that Passing Strangers had been chosen to represent the WCPF in the PAGB Inter-Federation competition – along with many other images – which will be judged some time in the summer.

    I am feeling quite chuffed at the moment!

    Passing Strangers was taken in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel between Greenwich and the Isle Of Dogs, with a Sony NEX-F3 Camera and Samyang 8mm fisheye Рthree images at 2/3 EV spacing, adjusted to 1EV spacing in Lightroom and then tone mapped in Photomatix, followed by further treatment in Lightroom, CS6 and Topaz (not in that order).


What’s it all about?

Here are my jottings about my photographic projects and activities. I have been working on a focus stacking macro photography rig. There are quite a few posts about that. In addition I write about other photographic activities as and when!


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