The Malverns – a Photographer’s Day Out

On Friday the 7th four us from Tetbury Camera Club spent the afternoon on the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire for some moody sky photography. It was very windy on the top and I could see the image wobbling in the viewfinder in the stronger gusts despite having my camera bag hanging from the tripod on a bungee cord to add a bit of weight! It was a chance to get out and do some landscape photography with friends, but in the end we had to call it a day when a bank of cloud rolled in from the west and the sun disappeared behind it Рno nice moody sunset after all.  Was landscape photography ever thus?  Definitely worth another visit.

Rain Clouds Approaching from the west obliterate the sun.
Rain Clouds Approaching from the west obliterate the sun.

We succumbed to the attractions of the Malvern Hills Hotel and finished off the afternoon with a pint of the landlord’s best, and in one case with a slab of cake too!

What’s it all about?

Here are my jottings about my photographic projects and activities. I have been working on a focus stacking macro photography rig. There are quite a few posts about that. In addition I write about other photographic activities as and when!


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